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5 ways to never waste your herbs again

Simple, effective, and best of all, tasty! 

Is there anything sadder than coming across a bunch of wilted herbs at the bottom of the crisper? They’re the holy grail of flavour – and if you’re not a green thumb and grow your own – they’re also the most at-risk of all veg to end up sad and soggy in the depths of the fridge. However, it’s actually kinda easy to stop food waste and extend the life of your herbs with these simple tips. Oh, and did we mention it’ll also save you money while doing so? Here’s how. 

Wrap them

Soft varieties like parsley, basil and coriander really benefit from being wrapped in a little blanket of love – in fact it can extend their shelf life by days. It’s as simple as placing them in a damp tea towel or cloth, and storing in the crisper part of your fridge. Alternatively, putting stems in a glass of water will also extend their life, and will look pretty on the kitchen bench too.

Freeze them 

Freeze drying works particularly well for hardier herbs like thyme, rosemary and sage. Pop them in a freezer-proof container and they’ll be good for months. Place soft herbs in ice cube trays, fill with water and defrost when needed. 

Opt for potted herbs

Even if you don’t have the conviction for a full-blown herb garden a windowsill version is easy, fun and effective. Potted herbs are readily available in supermarkets and provided they’re watered, will last until they’re used up. 

Dry them 

Dried herbs make great additions to slow-cooked meals. Spag Bol, anyone? For herbs with low moisture content simply hanging is a great option but you can also use the oven or a dehydrator. You’ll know they’re done when they start to become crumbly.

Add them to olive oil 

Probably the simplest method but one that’ll bring joy – and max flavour – each time you use it. Just add herbs to a jar or bottle and top up with olive oil. Get creative with a mix or add garlic or chilli. The result is tasty flavoured oil and no waste! 

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