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4 steps that will put an end to food waste

Sick of throwing out food? Now you don’t have to

Did you know that around a third of food produced globally is lost or wasted? To put it into perspective that’s approximately 1.3 billion tonnes a year! According to the United Nations most of us throw out food because it’s deemed to be imperfect. Add in overstocking the fridge and forgetting what we’ve actually bought and there’s a serious food waste problem. Food waste is something we’ve been trying to eliminate in our homes (especially with our often-fussy kids) and some simple tips we’ve found really effective are;

Flag it

Create an “eat me first” bowl or box on the top shelf or where everyone in the household can easily see it. It’ll serve as a reminder to use these items before reaching for others. Search for recipes using those ingredients and get creative in the kitchen.

Meal prep

Sunday meal prep really helps! Doing a big batch of roasting, boiling some eggs, or even pre-slicing veges like carrots, cucumber and capsicum is a great way to have lunchbox fillers on hand.

Store food in clear jars/containers.

Once you’ve done all your beautiful meal prepping, store it in a glass or see-through container – if you can see it, you won’t forget it’s there.

Have a stockpile of tea towels or cloths

A damp cloth will greatly extend the life of leaves, and herbs. A good tip is to keep veggies like radish and celery in water to keep them nice and crisp. 


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