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How to create less waste this Christmas

Say goodbye to waste and hello, more happiness

Want to cut back on your waste this Christmas (hello, piles of single-use wrapping paper) but don’t know where to start? Fear not. We’ve compiled our favourite simple, yet effective tips that’ll ensure less waste and most importantly, more time with your loved ones over the holidays.

1. Opt for a real, potted tree

If you prefer the real deal over plastic, opt for a potted fresh Christmas tree, says Green + Simple co-founder, Jenny Ringland. You can start with something that’s small and watch it grow over the years. Once it’s too big for its pot it can be planted in the garden. And on the plus side there’ll be no pine needles dropping all over the house once it starts to dry.

2. Recycled wrapping

Go for a zero-waste wrapping option. Anita van Dyke of @rocketscience suggests using a scarf, handkerchief of cloth napkin. Add vintage brooches if you have any or look for them in thrift stores. She also suggests using newspaper and adding ribbon or twine.

3. Table decorations from nature

Decorations can be as simple as finding those from your garden, says Green + Simple co-founder, Erica Watson. Using what’s around you is a great way to dress up your Christmas table. We opt for pine or eucalyptus leaves and branches as well as pine cones and fresh flowers from our garden and our neighbours.

4. Set intentions

The holidays are the perfect time to think about the year ahead and to start setting intentions says Yeseco founder, Jamie Phillips. The take3forthesea initiative is the perfect example – by simply picking up three pieces of rubbish the next time you’re enjoying the beach or park over the Christmas break you will inspire others to think about their plastic use and help keep the oceans clean for generations to come. Suggest doing this with loved ones in lieu of a gift and do something for our environment, together.

5. Channel #30wears

We’ve all had that desire to buy a new dress for the holidays – whether it’s Christmas lunch, a Boxing day barbecue or New Year’s eve. This holiday season, Eco-Age editor, Kelly Green says rather than buying something new host a swap shop with friends. “It’s a great way to create a new lease of life for old clothes and take them beyond #30wears,’’ she says.

“Another option is to rent your Christmas party wardrobe – find beautiful designer dresses and outfits from sites such as herwardrobe.com.au and glamcorner.com.au, and simply return after the event.”


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