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Say hello to sustainability’s new power couple

Why Tim and Elena Silverwood are a mighty good pair

When it comes to #sustainablecouplegoals it doesn’t get more authentic than Elena and Tim Silverwood. The couple – who founded fair trade and organic underwear company, Mighty Good Undies, and non-profit anti-plastic pollution initiative, Take3 for the Sea respectively – not only share a love for protecting our future and environment, but are doing a darn great job in helping inspire change on both local and global levels. When they’re not in the office creating ethical undies or cleaning up our beaches and ocean, you’ll find surfer, Tim and former fashion PR director, Elena along with their dachshund Frankie – aka Da Franks – at their Bondi Beach home, cruising their local farmers market or exploring the coastline in their campervan. We sat down for a chat with the duo who share everything from how they became sustainable business champs to their favourite local hangouts.

How did you guys meet?

Elena: We met in 2012 at the launch night of Flicker Fest at Bondi Pavillion.

You got married just over a year ago, where’d you tie the knot?

Elena: We got married in a rambling old converted sandstone church in St Albans, NSW with rustic food by the uber-cool outdoor chef, Sarah Glover in front of our closest friends and family.

Why is sustainability so important to you both?

Elena: From a young age I was taught about the value of quality food and produce and the way harmful chemicals play out in our lives, so I’ve always valued the concept of sustainability. After a career in fashion and PR I really wanted to align my ethics and values in a business I owned with the hope of shaping the world for a more hopeful and sustainable future.

Tim: Sustainability is everything. Humans easily forego the simple reality that we need a healthy planet for our own survival and that we share this planet with millions of other innocent species; who are we to trash what has been gifted to us.

Elena, why did you create an ethical underwear business?

I’ve always been a little bit obsessed with underwear. I also loved the idea of creating an ethical product that would have regular use in someone’s life. It’s not a once a month or once a year garment, but something that would be worn over and over again. Creating a brand that people love is challenging and exciting to me.

Tim, what style of MGU undies do you rock? Are you a trunks guy or into “tighty whities”?!

Trunks all the way! I love that the MGU trunks provide the necessary support but still allow my bits and pieces to breathe! I’ve been a test pilot for the brand for a long time and I can safely confess that not only are the undies super comfy and good looking – they also last a really long time. Get some!

Do you guys have any other favourite sustainable brands?

Elena: Tim and I are huge fans of vintage and second-hand clothing. Paris has some amazing well-priced vintage stores so we stock up on staples when we are there. Most of our wardrobe tends to be from op shops, flea markets and eBay! Although if buying new I really love what some Australian brands are doing like A.BCH and TOME.

What do you like to do on the weekend?

Elena: We love to travel, either camping in our van on a weekend to Bellingen, Byron Bay or down the South Coast. Being in nature is so important to our relationship and for both of our states of mind.


Image/Maclay Heriot
Image/Maclay Heriot

Tell us about your dog, Frankie

Elena: She came into our life about four years ago, she’s a mini Dachshund with a massive personality and our constant companion. She thinks she’s a human and hasus in stitches at times. She even picks up pieces of rubbish (mostly food scraps off the floor) but we haven’t quite yet trained her to put them in the bin as yet!

What’s your go-to café?

Elena: For good vibes and clean food it has to be Porch and Parlour in Bondi. We love Sarah and Sami and have supported them from the beginning.

What about your favourite place to travel?

Elena: Apart from Australia we love Europe. We recently got back from Pantelleria in Italy and it’s a pretty amazing place to soak up old Italy, eat some incredibly beautiful and simple food, and enjoy the Mediterranean. Having said that, my ultimate holiday is in Formentera, a beautiful little island off Ibiza in Spain.

What would we find on your bedside table?

Elena: Crystals, books and a botanical tea.

Tim: A reusable water bottle, lamp, coaster for my morning cup of tea and Tim Winton’s latest novel ‘The Shepherd’s Hut’. 

What are you reading at the moment?

Elena: I am reading Low Tox Living by Alexx Stuart – she’s a friend of ours and has just launched her book, I’m so proud of her!

Tim: I love Tim Winton’s ability to paint a picture of the Australian environment and the characters that occupy it. 

What’s your favourite farmers market?

Elena: When we are in Bondi it has to be the Bondi farmers markets each Saturday, although the Hobart farmers markets are pretty good and of course the French produce markets in Paris are pretty epic.

Tim, Take 3 recently collaborated with La Luna Rose on a limited edition t-shirt, can you tell us about it?

Rosie from La Luna Rose reached out to us to see if we were interested in a collab with a limited edition run of t-shirts they wanted to create. We get approached with all sorts of collab ideas and not all of them make it to reality but we loved the designs and the significant gesture of donating 40 per cent of proceeds to our cause, so of course, we were all in!


Image/Maclay Heriot
Image/Maclay Heriot

But wait, there’s more!

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