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Introducing Elle Macpherson’s wellness advisor 

We delve into the life of the supermodel’s wellness coach, Jonathan Bush

He’s the man responsible for keeping supermodel Elle Macpherson and her sons, Cy and Flynn in tip-top shape, so as far as we’re concerned, there’s no one better qualified to give us healthy life advice than Jonathan Bush. Currently splitting his time between Sydney and Miami, we managed to meet up for an exclusive chat with the Welleco ambassador and his new puppy, Manuka to talk about his life, sustainability and what it’s really like to work for The Body. And yes, it’s as fit and fabulous as you’d expect!

How long have you and Elle worked together?

About five years. I started the job as the assistant to her two boys, now I’m her assistant and wellness advisor. I’m also an ambassador for her company, Welleco. I found the ultimate job for me! I get to mentor Elle and her two sons, I ski, play polo, surf scuba dive and travel the world!

You recently got married, congratulations! 

It was a truly indescribable experience, I couldn’t have imagined a better day. We were married at my wife Phoebe’s family property, Belltrees in the Hunter Valley, surrounded by friends and family.

Is sustainability important to you? 

Yes and it should be for everyone. Being Australian, I feel we can push our country to be one that sets great standards. I certainly try to practice what I preach!

What are your favourite sustainable brands?

Welleco and Outerknown by world champion surfer, Kelly Slater

You now split your time between Australia and the States, how has that been?

It’s easy when you love what you do. I know it sounds cliche but it’s true, and in fact most of my time is in Australia now with only a few trips to the US. Keeping healthy and organised helps.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m usually up early for an ocean walk with Phoebe. My work start-times vary so each day keeps me on my toes. When I’m with Elle we’ll do a bike ride along the coast and an ocean swim, followed by some core exercises and some leg work. Or we paddle board – anything to get outside and get some vitamin D. Every afternoon is spent with Elle’s youngest son, Cy. Keeping him healthy, balanced and focused is my main priority.

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Tell us about your company, Bush and Ocean.

It’s about helping people live healthier, active lifestyles by getting out in Mother Nature. It helps people achieve their goals, and will soon also cover healthy travel, events and sustainable clothing. Watch this space!

Do you have any simple strategies for getting back on track if you’ve hit the snooze button on your health? 

Time management, organisation and routine are the main ones. Plan your day so there is minimal room for bad choices in diet or activities.

What’s one thing you do every day? 

Exercise for fun; paddle, swim, mountain bike, Pilates

Advice you give others?

Don’t just go with the flow, challenge yourself. Don’t let your fears stand in the way of your dreams. And don’t ever assume when it comes to your health, take the time to research and investigate what really works for you to lead a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle.

Image @bushandocean
Image @bushandocean

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